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Certified eggs.
Guaranteed good business.

The pandemic has had an undeniable impact on consumer shopping and eating habits. Notably, Canadians are striving to make better choices and are expecting brands and retailers to do the same.

Canadians are increasingly choosing local and sustainable products, citing where their food comes from and how it’s packaged as an important consideration when purchasing. In fact:

93 per cent of Canadians feel it’s important that the eggs they buy at the grocery store come from Canadian farms.
86 per cent of Canadians trust the quality and safety of eggs coming from Canadian egg farms.
9 out of 10 Canadians feel that a quality symbol on Canadian egg cartons would reassure them that the eggs meet national standards.

The EQA® mark addresses evolving consumer preferences by providing an easy-to-identify mark that signifies trust. Eggs and egg products featuring the EQA® mark tell Canadians that the eggs they buy at their grocery store are local, fresh and produced according to world-class standards.

About the Egg Quality Assurance™ (EQA®) Program

The EQA® program is an industry-wide initiative that highlights the rigorous requirements in place on Canadian egg farms. All eggs certified with EQA® have met the highest standards of Egg Farmers of Canada’s Start Clean-Stay Clean® program and Animal Care Program. No matter what type of eggs Canadians choose, EQA® ensures they are fresh, local, high-quality and produced by Canadian farmers.

The EQA® program is the result of extensive collaboration across the industry. Farmers, graders and processors collaborated to create an easy-to-identify mark to show consumers that their eggs come from farmers whose operations meet national standards and reinforce Canadians’ perceptions of eggs as a safe, high-quality food.

Our Commitment to Food Safety and Animal Care

We’re proud of our commitment to providing Canadians the fresh, high-quality eggs they know and love. Through two comprehensive on-farm standards programs, the Start Clean-Stay Clean® program and the Animal Care Program, Egg Farmers of Canada ensures the highest standards of food safety and animal care are always met.

To learn more about the programs that underpin EQA®, click here.

How to Obtain the EQA® Mark

Canadian retailers interested in displaying the EQA® mark can do so through a simple process, at no cost.

Retail Licensing

All partners interested in displaying the EQA® mark are required to complete a simple, free licensing agreement with Egg Farmers of Canada. To start the registration process, please email

Using the EQA® Mark on
Egg Packaging

Egg Farmers of Canada has worked with egg carton manufacturers to determine the best way to display the EQA® mark on all egg cartons. Once a licensing agreement is signed, you can contact your egg carton manufacturer or egg supplier directly to add the EQA® mark to your product packaging.

Not yet an EQA® retailer licensee?

Canadian retailers interested in displaying the mark can do so quickly and easily, at no cost. Check out the downloadable materials below to learn more.

EQA® Fact Sheet


EQA® Infographic


Already an EQA® retailer licensee?

Send us an email at to learn more and access free resources and in-store marketing materials.

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